Renewable Energy eBooks

In the future we may see some fluctuations in the price of oil but the tendency over time will be for the price to push relentlessly upwards. The reason is that demand is outstripping supply by a few million barrels a day and the gap is getting wider. It’s time to face the facts, we need to be far more resource efficient. This should come as no surprise given the amount of information published over the last 30 years about oil stocks and demand. However we seem to have ignored the facts, up until now.

The renewable energy eBooks page provides a range of resources for your consideration, which will enable you to make your own fuel or electricity at home. Apart from allowing you to start building some independence from other suppliers, developing you own renewable energy supply will reduce your emissions, and it is a fun way to open the minds and educate our children.

All the renewable energy ebooks are reasonably priced and building renewable projects is often much simpler and cheaper than most people think.

Total Solutions

Green Power Easy This guide lays everything out for you. This guide spans 10 chapters, 140 Pages, and it covers everything you need to know to learn about alternative energy. You get step-by-step video instruction that include easy-to-follow illustrations with every step.

Earth4Energy teaches you everything you need to know about producing your own electricity by using solar power or wind power. With this complete step-by-step setup fully illustrated manual you will be able to create your own power producing solutions in your own backyard!

Save On Energy Bills This eBook shows how to save real money on monthly energy bills. A great investment with over 400 pages full of tips, repairs, energy lessons, and a free home audit kit.

Geothermal Heat Pumps save thousands of dollars off your heating and cooling bills by installing a geothermal system. The guide explains the different systems, designs and even has a DIY section.

DIY Solar Learn how to heat your home, power your car and appliances with solar energy.

Solar Design Manual The Solar Power Design Manual eBook starts from first principles to guide you through the process of designing, specifying and installing your own self-contained solar power system, anywhere in the world. Complete with insolation charts and Solar Sizing Excel® spreadsheet templates.

Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System If you want information on solar electric systems, written in a non-technical manner that you can easily understand, this is a great book.

Solar Thermal

Solar Pool Heating Easy to build, low cost solar pool heating. Great little eBook, easy to follow instructions, simple construction with readily available materials.

Build Your Own Solar Water Heater The do-it-yourself solar water heater guide is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and is extremely affordable.

Build a 1,000 or 3,000 watt Turbine For the thrifty person or recycler, another one of our renewable energy eBooks that shows you how to make a 1,000 watt wind turbine for just $150.

Biodiesel from Algae A comprehensive eBook with instructions showing you how to make biodiesel from algae at home.

Encyclopedia of Making Biodiesel One of the renewable energy eBooks with a 5 star rating, and is the definitive guide on making biodiesel. Over 200 pages of solid, no fluff, no BS, real world, biodiesel knowledge.

Washing and Quality Testing Biodiesel Another David Sieg resource, jam packed and providing 70+ pages on every facet of washing biodiesel.

Make Your Own Biodiesel Les and Jan Oke have been living with renewable energy for 15 years. This guide book shows you how to build a biodiesel processor plant with a step-by-step illustrated guide to making biodiesel.

Biomass Pellets This is the inside story and only book we know of, that discusses biomass pellets, pellet stoves, boilers, making wood pellets and other ways pellets can be used including gasification.

Algae Photobioreactor World’s first book on how to construct a photobioreactor. What are the applications? Grow your own Spirulina, food supplements, cosmetics, biofuels, animal feed and more.

Growing Algae At Home As the title suggests this is the ideal book for people who are just starting out and want to learn how to grow algae right in your home.

Growing Algae in Open Ponds This books is packed with info showing you how to grow algae in the cheapest way to produce algae for biofuels, health foods, or animal feed.

Construct a 3 Cubic Metre Biogas Plant A complete and thorough manual on how to build a biogas plant.

Biogas Plant Design This wonderful document is complete with illustrations, drawings and photos, covering fixed-dome and floating-drum plants, plus a myriad of other detail.

Build A Biogas Plant A massive document comprised of 1,700 pages that includes both biogas books above plus dozens of others – a must-have for any biogas project. Or for $9.99 you get lifetime subscription to Build-A-Biogas-Plant.comwhere you can download even more information!


Hydrogen from Water A comprehensive manual showing how to make onboard hydrogen generators to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This technology uses simple electrolysis like the new “Scorpion” hybrid car that runs on 30-40 blend of hydrogen and gasoline.

Dry Cell Plans 5years or research has gone into developing the Dry Cell and it is the newest technology in HHO. State of the art 3D drawings… a must for the HHO enthusiast.

Misc Renewable Energy eBooks
Ecotist – Green Home and Building eBook Simple changes to your home can save you energy and money, like eco friendly refurbishment and remodelling. If you are thinking of a major extension to your home, or a new build, You need this ebook!

How to Recycle Scrap Metal into Electricity Handbook on ‘real’ alternative energy that cleans up the environment, while generating free power for you.

Battery Reconditioning Learn how to recondition your old batteries and bring them back to 100% of their working condition.

Rebuild a Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery A one of-a-kind guide that will save Prius owners around $4,000 by allowing them to rebuild their own hybrid batteries.

Gas2Electric is the best guide on the market, showing you how to convert you car from gasoline to electric. It also includes 5 other eBooks and it is worth every cent.