Build A Wind Turbine

Build A Wind Turbine

There are only a few books out there right now that talk about making wind turbines and none of them talk about how to do it on “the cheap” and still keep it simple. There are some great wind turbine do it yourself books that talk about hand carving blades out of wood and how to make your own generator from scratch. This includes even winding your own coils, welding , etc. But still, this is cheap but not very simple.

I believe there is too much waste in the world right now. I love the concept of taking something labeled as “junk” and making it new again. I hate to see batteries go to scrap when it is easy to get some more life out of them. Imagine all that lead and sulfuric acid has to go somewhere and I’m always afraid it will impact the environment or the water supply.

I wrote this book for the thrifty person and the “recycler”. Someone who wants to build a wind turbine and get started into renewable energy and not break the bank in the process. Someone who hates to see scrap sit around and go to waste. Someone who wants to become independent from the grid and help the environment. Some people even buy this book so they can refurbish forklift batteries as a business. Imagine getting a free forklift battery that normally costs $4000 new. You recondition it in 30 days and sell it locally for $1500. And you don’t even need a truck to do it. I’ll show you how to have the batteries dropped off and picked up.

home wind turbine This e-book is full of pictures and diagrams to explain the concepts. In it I cover the following and a lot more:

  • how to make FREE windmill blades and it will only take about an hour to finish a set of 3.
  • a page full of equations and examples of how to use them to figure out power, rpm, tsr, wind speed etc. (units are in miles per hour and feet)
  • how to find FREE fork lift batteries and how to make them as good as new
  • making a homemade de-sulfator so you can “pulse” any battery back into new condition
  • what kind of generator to look for and how to get the best prices
  • how to make a simple “furling” system to protect the windmill in high winds
  • how to charge several banks of batteries all at once while pulsing them back to health
  • How to build a wind turbine (1,000 watt) for less than $150 (including tower)
  • How to make a 3,000 watt wind turbine for about $220!
  • Download includes the DC Motor Analyzer software



This download also includes the new DC Motor Analyzer software.

dc mtotor anlyzer


This program allows you to take any DC permanent magnet motor and analyze how it will function in your homemade windmill application. It allows for different blade sizes, TSR, gear ratios, wire length, wire gauge, battery bank size, volts, amps and motor rpms. This takes all the guesswork out of designing your own system. You can even use it to design a double genny system that uses two motors connected via pulleys to a central shaft turned by your blades. This allows you to take two cheap motors, like the treadmill motors and gear them up while also taking the axial thrust off of their cheap little bearings. They can handle the radial thrust, but they’re not very good on something pushing at them such as a windmill blade.

$US 34.90

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