The 3 Step Climate Change Plan

Your Action Counts!

The 3 Step Climate Change Plan is a dynamic way to reduce the impacts of global warming we are causing.

Climate Change, Global Warming and the Greenhouse effect are the biggest issues we face in the world today. The overwhelming majority of scientists now agree that our globe is undergoing major climate change. They also agree that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising at a terrifying rate.

This is a crisis of global proportion, but you are not alone. A Press Release was issued in April 2007 to launch the Action Plan. Look at the number below, it represents how many times the Action Plan has been viewed. That is one heck of a lot of ‘looks’ so make sure you DO something.


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3 Step Climate Action Plan

Take Personal Action – There are many ways to reduce global warming, some very simple whilst others require a more focussed approach. We have written an eBook called “What You Can Do”. The book has dozens of practical ways to cut carbon dioxide output in your home, which will reduce global warming. Read it, and commit to these simple yet powerful actions around your home. Download the free eBook “What You Can Do”

Alert and Motivate Our Leaders – Most politicians and leaders will not act unless they believe a significant number of their constituency are supportive of their actions. If enough people show concern and communicate this concern, politicians are forced into action. Contact your local politician and ask what policies are in place to reduce carbon emissions in your country and what the government is doing to address climate change. Use the sample letter provided, but try and personalize the letter a little, so it comes from you!

Encourage Others – There is no question, we must act now! Just like you are undertaking these actions, encourage others to do likewise. We need to act locally but think globally to turn the tide, and wind back our carbon emissions. If each of us within our own home, neighborhood, and town encourage each other to adopt practices that reduce our greenhouse gas emissions then we are taking the first steps to a better future.

Email The 3 Step Climate Change Plan to all your acquaintances, friends and family.

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There is no doubt that our changing climate is the biggest single threat we face in the world today. I have found a simple call to action and I would urge you to do the same.

The 3 Step Climate Change Plan is a dynamic way to keep the issue of climate change on our agenda. Keep it flowing… Cut and paste the link into your browser and make a difference:

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