Scrap Metal into Electricity

How to Recycle Scrap Metal into Electricity – Rust Power!

Handbook for the New Alternative Energy that cleans up the environment, while generating free power for you.

Rust power Yes, you read it right! It’s actually very easy to recycle scrap metal into electricity. The amount of energy locked up in plain old metal may surprise you. Think, how much you can get from a simple dry cell, a flashlight battery. Yet, it uses only its thin zinc case as fuel. In numbers, a pound of zinc (in the right type cell) will produce about .61 kilowatt-hours (kwh) of electricity; scrap iron .56 and aluminum 3.7 kwh/lb. That means that a 2,654 pound Chrysler le Baron (if at least 80% of it is really steel) should have about 1.189 megawatt-hours of hidden power.

The only difference between the zinc fuel in a dry cell and the zinc coating on a galvanized nail… is its shape! So in order to extract the hidden power in metals, all you need to do is build some simple homemade batteries, and hook them directly to your radio, TV, or other DC appliance. For AC appliances just insert a commercial inverter that converts your free DC into AC. It’s as simple as that! I ran my boom box for 8 straight hours on gum wrappers!

Who will befit and enjoy this book?
Do you like Science?
Do you like the idea of using a new, clean, alternative energy?
Would you like to see the Earth being cleaned up rather than messed up by our energy usage?
Would you like to know how to turn trash into money?
Who will enjoy this book? You will!

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What can be run on this clean alternative energy? Nearly anything that runs on batteries: clocks, calculators, computers, radios, TVs, public address systems, stereos, toys, hand power tools, cars, wheel chairs, refrigerators…the list is endless. With this book, you can even build a back yard utility, make free power out of old junk, and sell the energy to your neighbors. If it runs on batteries now…it’ll really get a charge out of RUST POWER!

Rust electricity Scrap pile energy is really a new alternative energy…a new direction…a lighthouse signaling which way to steer. Scrap metal power production actually helps clean up, rather than mess up the earth!

The goal of this book is not to tell you every detail for duplicating a certain kind of battery…as if there were only one kind of super cell. But rather it lays out the basics…the principles of electrochemistry in an easy-to-understand, simple-to-use form. Armed with this basic knowledge, the inquisitive reader will be able to seek and find new and better ways for producing power. Thus, I have set a goal…pointed the way…and provided the map.

All that is needed is some old junk, a desire to pioneer an exciting new alternative energy, and the knowledge of: “How To Recycle Scrap Metal Into Electricity.”

Written by Prof. John N. Hait, PhD.
Edited by Marlene Mickelson, MS, CRC, CRA, DTM
143 pages, 53 color illustrations, Complete e-book of 15 Acrobat .pdf files, compressed as 6.4 mb .zip file Non Refundable
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