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It gets harder to keep on top of the latest climate news as the number of climate related events continues to climb, and more and more organisations are stepping up to provide service. We’re working on making things easier for you. For starters, we’ve set up an automatic news update system for you here, that will regularly update with the latest information. But, not only do we provide the latest climate information – we review it and provide commentary to help you make sense of what you read.We also make it easy for you to contribute news that you’ve come across concerning climate change as well. And, unlike most news services, we make it easy to provide direct public commentary on news items as well. And to make it even easier for you, we’ve categorised some of the key topics, so that you can find news updates directly related to popular topics – like climate related technology and research.


If you have news that you’d like to share, just look below the “Latest News” section and you’ll see a news input form that you can use to send us your news information. Just below that you’ll see a list on contributions provided by other visitors, as well as key stories that we’ve chosen to highlight for you. In order to get more details and comment on any of those items, just click on the title.

Climate News

Fox News
July 18, 2012: A cow feeds on hay near Rowley, Iowa.AP. The Agriculture Department is under fire from ranchers and Capitol Hill after encouraging employees to go vegetarian one day a week and warning that meat production contributes to climate change.
Think Progress
Vilsack’s unwillingness to discuss climate science represents a Romney-like shift from less than a year ago. Speaking at an event at the Center for American Progress Fund in September 2011, Vilsack initiated a discussion on the links between climate
New York Times (blog)
Associated PressA protest against construction of the Keystone XL pipeline last summer in Washington. In the current election year, most of what passes for an energy debate in the United States is rivalry over which party is more devoted to extracting
Reuters Blogs (blog)
Uncharacteristic levels of anxiety, indecision and defensiveness in Chinese officialdom don’t make for an investment-friendly climate. It already shows in the benchmark Shanghai stock index, which is at its lowest since early 2009, despite two cuts in
The Guardian
When the history of climate change in the UK is written, probably from a bunker somewhere in Northern Scandinavia, the last few months will be noted as the moment when the country’s admirable political consensus on the need to tackle climate threats
Washington Post (blog)
As farmers in the United States slog through the country’s largest drought in 50 years, a lot of people are asking about the connection between global warming and the arid landscape in the Midwest. Is climate change causing this drought? Didn’t the
Chicago Sun-Times
Its editorial “Climate change goes AWOL" puts the paper on record as supporting the idea of man-made global warming. Major papers like the Sun-Times must take clear positions on the great issues of our time, and, certainly, global warming is among those.
Chicago Tribune
CME Q2 profit beats view, CEO says climate challenging. CME pressured to restore confidence after MF Global, PFG. Email · print. Traders in the corn options pit at the CME group in Chicago on July 11. (July 26, 2012). Related; CME Group explores using

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Strong winds cause man to die starstarstarstarstar
A man was driving home from work. there were extreme winds and this caused a tree to break and smack the car. It broke through and killed him please be …

Take Away an Executive’s Shoes and Socks and Save Energy! starstarstarstarstar
This is for the business office and can save a great deal of energy during the summer if it is implemented.

It is well known that allowing feet to breathe …

Could a 300 km dam save the Arctic? starstarstarstarstar
Could 1.5 billion cubic meters of rock save the Arctic sea ice? According to the plan ‘Diomede Crossroads – Saving the North Pole? Thoughts on plausibility’…

Are there green climate alarmists? starstarstarstarstar
Debate must replace scaremongering of green climate alarmists.
Taken from the ‘News Letter’ Northern Ireland
Published Date: – 05 September 2008

War on Climate Instead of Iraq starstarstarstarstar
Recently the Nobel-winning economist professor Stiglitz calculated that the eventual total cost of the war in Iraq will be about $3 trillion. From a purely …

The heat starstarstar
I was outside with my kids, and it was so hot. my son passed out from the heat last year in South Dakota. The heat got to 120 F

Climate Change Music Video Not rated yet

A colleague and I created a music video parody about Climate Change called “The Planet is Warming” and we thought it may be something you and …

National Geographic Video Hits Home Not rated yet

Climate change is a major problem nations …

Spider orchid flowering crawls forward with warming Not rated yet
Despite global warming accelerating since the 1970s, when early spider orchids in the UK flower still varies with temperature in exactly the same way that …

Earthquake and now Monsoon floods hit Pakistan never seen before Not rated yet
The dictates of the history proves that great nations have always confronted with greater challenges. In its proof of being a great nation, Pakistan has …

Warm Not rated yet
In our country there should be heat after 1 or 2 months but it is hot now.

Aziende impegnate per un clima migliore Not rated yet
Molte aziende e Pubbliche Amministrazioni in Italia hanno avviato dei piani per la riduzione e/o compensazione delle loro emissioni di CO2 aderendo al …