Water Powered Car

bmw water car

Water powered car – If you are like me, you are you sick and tired of rising fuel prices. I simply cannot believe what we are now paying!

Would you like to stop paying for expensive fuel and save up to 50% on costs? You can do this and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ronn Motor Company ScorpionThis is No Longer A Dream!

Ronn Motor Company is blending the world of exotic performance cars with eco friendly fuel solutions with its first car, the Scorpion. It produces hydrogen while travelling through electrolysis of water using the power generated from the electrical system.

Scorpion water carA small amount of hydrogen added to the vehicles intake air/fuel mixture allows the engine to operate with less fossil fuel. Ronn Motor Company will use this technology in its revolutionary Scorpion to achieve lower emissions and vastly improved fuel economy.



Using The Same Principle

The technology used by Ronn Motor Company is not just for sports cars. By building a water powered car using the technologies below you can save thousands of dollars every year in fuel costs, whilst significantly improving the efficiency of your vehicle.

The do-it-yourself water powered car manuals are easy to follow, using step-by-step instructions and are extremely affordable! you can convert your car today for less than $100!

The technology works on 99% of vehicles (Vans, trucks, Gas or diesel powered cars, SUV’s)

– Technology enables your vehicle to become more fuel efficient

– It boosts performance whilst producing cleaner emissions

– Works anywhere in the world

– Is 100% safe and legal – guaranteed!

– Works using plain tap water


Generally the technology is very easy to install and remove, and it does not void your vehicle warranty in any way.

This is something that you can do right away! Save both money and greenhouse gases. Installation is quick and without engine modifications. This is perhaps as close to ‘free energy’ as we will ever get, and it will save thousands of dollars at the same time as helping the environment. There are a range of guides being marketed and Gas4Free is the only one we recommend. The Gas4Free manual is judged to be excellent value for money. The user guide is extensive and provides an exhaustive and illustrative approach to making your water conversion.

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