Encyclopedia of Biodiesel

The newly released Encyclopedia of Biodiesel is the definitive guide on making biodiesel. The book shows the quickest and easiest way to learn a complete system of making biodiesel. Inside this magnificent work you’ll get over 200 pages of solid, no fluff, no BS, REAL WORLD, biodiesel knowledge. The Encyclopedia of Biodiesel contains dozens of illustrations, photographs, drawings and plans… Absolutely everything any beginning Biodiesel Home Brewer would need.

Authors with Credibility

David Sieg and Tram Nguyen are the Managing Directors of International Biofuel Solutions which are on the cutting edge of the biofuel and sustainability frontier. David is a lecturer at technical universities in both Vietnam and Thailand and brings and extraordinary wealth of academic insight into making biodiesel. However the Encyclopedia of Biodiesel manual is not full of theoretical mumbo-jumbo, it is practical and easy to follow. It is designed to easily impart David’s vast knowledge and experience to those who wish to make their very own biodiesel.

There’s no doubt, creating a proven system for making quality biodiesel every single time is probably the most difficult lesson for any experienced ‘Home brewer’ to learn.
Of course, some people will tell you can do fine without an understanding of the basics of biodiesel. WRONG! Just take a look at their samples they produce. Their results speak for themselves.

However, the big problem is most books on the subject are filled with technical descriptions and complex chemical formulas, but not enough actual easy to understand, visual, step-by-step instructions. You practically had to be a brain surgeon to figure it out.

Sound at all familiar?

But now there’s good news!…

Now you can discover … the right (and the wrong) way to learn how to make Biodiesel at Home

The Encyclopedia of Biodiesel is divided up into 4 comprehensive E-books:


Volume I: Planning Stage: This is where you’ll start by getting a firm foundation to build on.

  • Why make biodiesel at home? Before you start a journey you need to know your destination. You need to have a rock-solid picture in your mind that what you are about to do. This is not only smart, but healthy for everyone involved.

  • It outlines what biodiesel is, and more importantly, what its not. What it can do for you, and why it is the future. No fantasy, no pie-in-the-sky, real world biodiesel.

  • Frequently asked questions, and in-depth answers. You’ll know ahead of time if this project is something that will work for you

  • Advantages and disadvantages, This is real world biodiesel. There are trade-offs with everything in life…including biodiesel. Know up-front the problems you might encounter…and how to overcome them.

  • Whether biodiesel is right for you, It’s not for everyone. Not everyone can do this. I know, I know, I should be telling you everything is rosy. The truth is, that unless you have what it takes, don’t start. You’ll find out here.

  • How to get all the waste oil you’ll ever need, A lot of manuals skip this part, but if you can’t get step right, don’t even start. I’ll show how, where, when and who to approach, what to say, and most importantly, how to keep them supplying you, year after year.

  • Buy a biodiesel processor or build your own? Know up front which direction to start from, and the pros and cons of each.

  • The Third Option: The Biodiesel Kit: A middle of the road approach that is well worth looking into. The Encyclopedia of Biodiesel tells you why here. Where to go, what questions to ask, to make sure you get the biodiesel kit that will fit YOUR circumstances.

  • Make your first batch of biodiesel right in your own kitchen! You’ll make a test batch of biodiesel, from start to Finish. Simple, easy, and best of all, by the time you’re finished, you’ll know if biodiesel is right for you.

  • How to make a “Test batch” Processor so you can be sure everything is 100% correct BEFORE you commit time, resources, and money.

  • And much more.

Volume II: Pre-Production Stage:

  • Safety factors What to do, and what not to do. How to set everything up in the beginning to make sure, you, your pets, and most importantly, your family are 100% safe, 100% of the time.

  • How Much Biodiesel will You Need to Produce? A complete, step-by-step breakdown on how to figure your biodiesel needs, how big of a processor you’ll need, how much it will cost you, how much you’ll save on a monthly and yearly basis, and most importantly, is this a cost-efficient answer for you.

  • A Simple visual overview of the entire biodiesel process, The Encyclopedia of Biodiesel starts general, then move to specifics. Here you see the entire process, in easy to understand language and pictures, from start to finish. Laid out in a step-by-step fashion.

  • A more complex visual overview of the Production Process. You’ll know exactly what to do, and what to do next, to reach your destination in record time.

  • Scale up to a 5 gallon processor, and make enough to drive home on! From start to finish, how to make a 5 gallon processor, the recipe, the washing, the quality testing. Once you’re finished here, you’re ready to start saving money.

  • A Complete 90 Liter “Appleseed” Processor Build Manual. This one part is worth twice the price of this e-book alone. Try googling “biodiesel processor plans” if you don’t believe me. Some are as high as $5000 USD. This is a complete build manual including:

    • Bill of materials, every part, every nut, bolt, and washer, including where to buy it, and how much it will cost.

    • Parts lists, and parts substitution. Why buy it when you can scrounge it?

    • Tools needed:

    • Safe Work Practices

    • A complete, step-by-step Build manual. This takes you by the hand and walks you through every action, every step of the way. Priceless!

  • The Encyclopedia of Biodiesel provides this, and much more.

Volume III: Production Stage: Here you are ready to start saving a ton of money!

  • Titration explained in easy to understand language, color photographs “visually” walk you through the entire process. Also included are a number of easy, methods you can use without buying expensive, budget-busting, gizmos and gadgets.

  • A visual overview of the recipe process, including recipes for test batches, new oil, and waste oil, This is where a lot of people make mistakes, but you won’t. In the Encyclopedia of Biodiesel every detail, is clearly, and visually laid out.

  • Trouble-shooting, what to do if it doesn’t do what you expect. A visual guide to walking you through the steps necessary in turning “biodiesel gone bad” back into “Biodiesel gone back to good.”

  • And much more

Volume IV: Post-Production: With this section, every single batch of biodiesel will be a winner

  • Washing biodiesel: Two complete methods. From test batches to full scale production, this is one aspect you’ll have to get right. I save you time, money and frustration.

  • Quality-testing, how to get it right the first time. The last step, and maybe the most important. Know the quality before you put it into your engine.

  • Storage and handling considerations. Stay on the safe and LEGAL side of the law. The things you need to consider, as well as what you need to say, to the Fire Marshall.

  • The Encyclopedia of Biodiesel provides this and more.

As you can see, the Encyclopedia of Biodiesel really is the ultimate tutorial. Until now it was never made available to the public. Even if you’re a seasoned biodiesel pro you’ll benefit immensely from learning the secrets presented here because you’ll immediately see the benefit of this system.

The Encyclopedia of Biodiesel – Just imagine being able to make biodiesel anytime, any place, almost anywhere…without the headaches and hassles, and without the high cost of fuel eating into your budget every month!


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