Strategies To Reduce Global Warming

Reduce Global Warming: How serious are you? If you are really serious about global warming, why not commit to the 3 Step Climate Action Plan.

There are many ways to reduce global warming, some very simple whilst others require a more focussed approach. At least do the easy ones! Scientists are convinced that the single biggest cause of global warming today is the release of carbon dioxide through burning of fossil fuels in our power stations, vehicles and transport systems.

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Things You Can Do

Speak Out:

Our countries need new national legislation and laws to direct us towards solving climate problems and to reduce global warming. Better legislation and laws will help to ensure we develop cleaner cars and cleaner power plants. We also need to agitate for government rebates on installing solar power, solar hot water, or wind power in our homes.


Email, write or call elected officials, and let them know that you are holding them accountable for what they do, or don’t do about global warming. Hassle you local representatives and ask for their ‘action plan’, get climate change on your local council agenda. Is your city a member of Cities for Climate Protection? (CCP) Learn about the CCP initiative, and if your city is not participating, start calling your city council, attend meetings, activate.


Write to your president, prime minister or leader and ask that they:

  • Develop policies to ensure greenhouse gas emissions fall by at least 3% year each year from now on, and that market mechanisms are in place to make this happen.
  • Help poor countries cope with disasters caused by climate change and get access to clean energy to help eliminate poverty.


Write letters about Climate Change to the local newspapers. This is a great way to keep the issue in the public mind. It also sparks up a debate and allows us all to understand what the real issues are.

Stay Informed:

Read widely and understand what we are dealing with. If you have children teach them about the impact of global warming, and what can be done to prevent it. A list of easy reading and technical books can be seen here.
Watch the DVD online here by Al Gore called An Inconvenient Truth. This is a powerful and moving account of climate change, send the link to a a friend!

Watch The Movie Online – An Inconvenient Truth

We have also included a whole bunch of lectures and addresses by Al Gore which you can watch online, right here for free. Find some time to watch, and be both entertained and informed! The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ross Gelbspan is also very informative and dedicated to expanding our knowledge base on climate change. You can see him in action here.

Get Involved:

Find out what action groups are doing around your locality or region, if there are no groups, start one! Meet with your group to discuss and plan how you will get the word out. Join the Global Warming Forum and discuss and learn about climate issues with others. Call a talkback show and speak about your concerns, organise to speak with children at school. Volunteer for tree planting days, or start you own tree planting program. Email us with ideas and suggestions we could include on this website to reduce global warming.


Invite speakers to your school, coffee group or workplace to talk about global warming and what can be done. Invite your school, church or business to do an energy audit and promote energy-efficient measures. You might also like to learn about alternative, sustainable options that can be used in everyday life.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." – Buckminster Fuller


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You don’t have to give up technology to reduce global warming, in fact it is the opposite! Check out some of these eco gadgets…

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