Smart Grid

Building from Triple Threat…I agree. On top of that, a smart grid is needed. B/c wind/tidal/solar don’t produce a steady stream of power generation (sometimes the wind doesn’t blow/sometimes it’s night). A smart grid should be able to remedy that. My understanding is that a smart grid harnesses the energy from the source that is […]

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Temperature Readings

by Willie (Texas) Temperature Readings Revised Version The average global surface temperatures (global warming)are affected by humidity, radiation forcing, air temperature, urban heating, and other greenhouse gases (GHGs). There are no name for this temperature readings, so I will refer to this temperature reading as the green house gas effect (GHGE). Greenhouse gases traps, and […]

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Biggest tornado in History.

by Sophia Harris (Alabama) It was a normal day to beggin with we were playing. When we went outside we noticed it got freezing. We did not know what was going on so we just changed clothes.We watched my kitty play with a mole.We went back inside and turned on the news to see why […]

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Tanzania learn

by MacDonald (Tanzania) Most of African countries especially Tanzania had a cool temp earlier but to now things are getting worse because people are very ignorant about the weather and climate.. so i would like to advice the government to consider about the rise of temperature in the world to consult the experts to create […]

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Robert Weigel, Engineer @ Sound Doctorin’

by Robert Weigel (Bozeman, MT) Get some current DATA people, unless DATA is against your religion or something I guess. Seriously if someone is supposedly on top of this issue, why is it that hard to collect data from at least a few hundred diverse regions each year and compile them into a current average? […]

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Need to redefine solar energy capture

by Jayant Ingolikar (Nagpur, Maharastra State, INDIA) A better technique than the photovotaic conversion or photothermal conversion, can be devised so as to have techno-economic consideration and very much less space requirement. I have a concept to do so. If the reader of my comment is interested in developing the concept, same can be shared. […]

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Mans impact

by Jody (Mounds,Ok,USA) As smart as some of us claim to be, why cant we think of a way to use the ice. Isn’t it pure water,there has to be away to transport it in a solid state. Doesn’t man have refrigerated ships that could haul it to places that need water. I know if […]

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Cute Baby Turtles

BABY SEA TURTLES!!!!!! One time I was at the beach and I saw sea turtles!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! It was so fun and adorable to see the baby turtles get to the sea!!! Turtle soup is disgustingly gross and extremly saddening!!!!!!!!!!! We love turtles!!!!:)  

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by Arnold MANN (Mount Eliza) I thought it was now agreed that global temperature had ceased to rise since circa 1998. Why do your graphs show the opposite? I can average the temperature from one thermometer fixed at one point to given an average – indeed a graph of the whole of each day. In […]

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