How To Grow Algae At Home

Learn how to how to grow algae at home immediately for Biofuels, Health Food Supplements, Animal Feed and Organic Fertilizer.

There has been an increased interest from people about producing an inexpensive and useful guide for those who want to grow algae at home.

There seem to be a few of books out there for the more advanced student, but very few books for inexperienced people. This book bridges that gap and has been written for those who have little experience.

Firstly, and in order to be successful in growing algae, you must have patience. Also you need to exercise care, have some skill, not to mention having some luck! The best advice we can give you to on how to grow algae at home, is not to try and “build Rome in a day.” Just begin at a small scale, and keep it as simple. Make one change at a time and observe results. You aren’t in a race, or a sprint…this is really more like a marathon. Above all else, take good notes so you can compare your work as you go and then you will know what works.

This book shows you by step-by-illustrated-step:

  • How to cultivate algae
  • Create our own algal lab inexpensively
  • Types of Cultures
  • Setting up Experiments
  • Estimating Growth
  • Growth Dynamics
  • Preparing your medium
  • Different growth Meduims
  • Building a test photobioreactor
  • It’s all here…


Think about it. The “algae revolution” is upon us. Algae is one of the most powerful breakthroughs of the 21st. century. With algae you can “grow your own…”

  • Gasoline
  • Biodiesel
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Animal feed
  • Health Food Supplements
  • And much more… (science is only beginning to scratch the surface of this amazing organism.)

Simply put, no other organism on earth comes close to algae in versatility.

This book shows you how to grow algae at home, and you could invest less than $35 and get started immediately.

These Powerful Secrets Are Revealed to Show You How To Grow Algae at Home

  • How to grow algae the RIGHT WAY
  • Different types of cultures
  • Preparing your algal lab to grow cultures.
  • The different variables necessary, and how to use them correctly.
  • How to create the optimal conditions for growing algae
  • How to create your own culture media
  • Setting your your experiments the RIGHT WAY
  • Estimating the growth of algae.
  • Growth Dynamics of algae (Know when the best time to harvest)
  • Where to buy algal strains inexpensively.
  • A simple algal incubator that cost less than $35, and an hour to build and you can use immediately start growing algae.
  • The best part is, do this correctly and you’ll never need to buy another algae culture again!
  • A test bioreactor that allows you to test 10 different strains, or 10 different variables at once. This one unit can save you YEARS of trial and error
  • Plus, lots more

The PBR’s presented here all meet various criteria. Among other things they…

  • All are scalable and can be built in different sizes
  • They can be scaled to just about any budget
  • All are made easily, from materials at hand
  • All are made using basic hand tools
  • All are inexpensive to reproduce
  • All are functional, work, and perform the job they are built for


The best part is, you can build these units yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Free Bonus Gift #1: “The PBR Diary:” This shows the actual results using the same PBR’s that were built for this eBook. You get what strains were used, where they were sourced, the nutrient used, the light regimen, and full color photographs showing rates of algae growth. This is PRICELESS: No one else is giving you this or sharing this knowledge!


Free Bonus Gift #2: The Online Resource List: This “Quick Guide” shows you where to go online to buy every part/resource necessary for building PBR’s. (Including every place overseas you can buy algal cultures!) Especially useful for overseas buyers and/or people living in places where they don’t have access to resources we have in the USA. This is PRICELESS time saver if you’re living overseas and have to shop by internet or deal with customs/importing issues.


Together these 2 free bonuses are worth as much as the Growing algae eBook itself and more than doubles the worth of Growing Algae at Home You simply can’t find this information ANYWHERE else.


If after 2 months for any reason you don’t feel this eBook has shown you how to grow algae at home or doesn’t deliver on every promise made, then let us know and we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

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