Facts Impacts Climate Change

The Facts of Climate Change

Facts Impacts Climate Change. There are hard facts and impacts about climate change.

1. Climate change is strongly supported by hard science.

2. Our climate is changing rapidly , and at a rate faster than what we have experienced in all of human history.

3. By burning fossil fuels for electricity and other industries we are releasing billions of tons of carbon dioxide and changing the climate.

4. Carbon dioxide acts like a blanket, trapping the sun’s heat around the planet.

5. We can stop our carbon dioxide emissions and slow the rate of change.

6. We are not doing enough to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

7. We must act now!

The Impacts of Climate Change

Physical Impacts

1. Average global land and sea temperatures are rising.

2. The incidence of Droughts, wildfires and flooding are increasing globally.

3. Glaciers and the permafrost are melting.

4. Ice at the North and South Poles is melting and breaking up.

5. Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are increasing in severity.

6. Fresh water resources are diminishing.


Social Impacts

1. People are already being displaced by rising sea levels.

2. Agriculture and food supply is being affected by droughts.

3. Countries are suffering loss of life, homes, and livelihoods from the increased severity of hurricanes, storms and flooding.

4. Insurance costs are spiralling due to ‘natural’ damages.

5. Disease carrying insects are moving into new areas as temperature increases. Populations of other insects, like the pine beetle are exploding with devastating effect.

6. Poorer countries like Africa will be amongst the most severely disadvantaged as they have few resources to adapt, and the regions are devastated by climate change.

7. Rivers have less regular flow, and water for drinking and crops is drying up.

8. The economic cost of NOT taking action is breathtaking.



Don’t despair! We can reduce our carbon emissions, but we must act now! Start with the 3 Step Climate Action Plan

Facts Impacts Climate Change

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