Robert Weigel, Engineer @ Sound Doctorin’

by Robert Weigel
(Bozeman, MT)

Get some current DATA people, unless DATA is against your religion or something I guess. Seriously if someone is supposedly on top of this issue, why is it that hard to collect data from at least a few hundred diverse regions each year and compile them into a current average?

Your statement in RED above is completely unsubstantiated. You have no idea what incremental changes may have occurred over the thousands of years. Any real scientist would KNOW that 5000 years ago if ANYTHING we had MORE volcanic activity for instance which would create more greenhouse gases that might have driven changes some.

However any real scientist who evaluates all the variables knows that solar activity can create these kinds of movements easily. DUE TO LACK OF COMMUNICATION from monitoring stations in various remote parts of the world, we simply don’t have credible data from more than what 60 to 100 years ago depending how you look at it I suppose. I like to have credible data before I start wildly speculating. TELL ME…are you people on payroll from some group/agency? This is a disgraceful sight. Get this garbage out of the way so people can see real information. Good grief. I see you allowing posts where people want you to buy the light bulbs that require a haz mat team every time they break. lol! But I bet this post won’t make it…AFTER ALL information contrary to your hype is probably viewed as ‘defamatory’ right? After fame is what you’re going for right?