Biggest tornado in History.

by Sophia Harris

It was a normal day to beggin with we were playing.
When we went outside we noticed it got freezing.
We did not know what was going on so we just changed clothes.We watched my kitty play with a mole.We went back inside and turned on the news to see why the weather was wacky. Then we saw the tornado in tuscaloosa.
My dad said,” If this thing does not lift up in 15 minuets run to the bathroom. 15 min. later it just got bigger,we got in the bathtub put i mattress over us.I did not want to leave my dolls, I got to my room grabbed my dolls and i grabbed my brothers toy lamb and hurried back.Then we heard my dad running down the hall.He got in the tub and started yelling,”GET DOWN,GET DOWN.” Then we heard it coming, our ears started popping then it hit. I told every one to start praying.We were screaming and crying.We could hear glass hitting the door. it sounded like we were in a dryer.The next thing we knew it was dead silent. I was crying so was my 2 brothers.
My dad got up and opened the door our house was destroyed. it looked like someone had took the hand and just pushed it down. We were not hurt.My mom called her brothers but they couldnt help so she called her friend. her husband came to pick us up. It took him five hours to get to our house in pleasant grove. My cat got sucked out of the house but our dogs were safe. it took us 7 hours to get out of pleasant grove and to the hotel.Remeber We had to walk because our cars were destroyed.I did not eat for a week i was so scared. Then we were looking at houses and we are building now. Oh and 2 weeks after the April 27 tornado we found my kitty and now she is better than ever.