by Arnold MANN
(Mount Eliza)

I thought it was now agreed that global temperature had ceased to rise since circa 1998. Why do your graphs show the opposite?

I can average the temperature from one thermometer fixed at one point to given an average – indeed a graph of the whole of each day. In order to record teh average temperature in my suburb I would need to have recording devices at uniformly spaced intervals – say in a 2,000 metre grid. What is the space between the IPCC recording devices relied upon spaced: every, 1,000 Km, 10,000Km, 100,000 Km, 1,000,000 Km – or it the choice arbitrary: ten in the antarctic, and 100,000,000 in the USA?

Is it really meanigful to pick out as significant three successive hot days in 2009 Melbourne, given (a) temperature in Melbourne is a meaningless statement, since the temperature on the coast at Mornington is not at all the same as in Sunbury, and because we have not had relibable readings before European settlement of Melbourne. A wink in the eye of time.
Arnold Mann