Temperature Readings

by Willie

Temperature Readings
Revised Version

The average global surface temperatures (global warming)are affected by humidity, radiation forcing, air temperature, urban heating, and other greenhouse gases (GHGs). There are no name for this temperature readings, so I will refer to this temperature reading as the green house gas effect (GHGE). Greenhouse gases traps, and restrict the escape of solar IR radiation into space, there by raising the global avrerage surface temperature. The GHGE’s temperature reading only gets as high as 0 to 15 deg (F) above the actual temperature, which is generated by the sun, so how can the GHGE be blamed for global warming?

If the actual temperature is 100 deg (F), the heat index, the ambient temperature, or GHGE will read 0 to 15 deg (F) above the actual temperature, causing the temperature to feel like 115 deg (F), but the actual temperature will always be the predominent temp. Actual temperature 100 deg (F), and the GHGE 0 to15 deg (F). otherwise, the temperature would feel like 200 deg (F) if the GHGE generated its own heat. The two temperature would read !00 deg actual temperature, and 100 deg GHGE temperature. The sun generated heat, and the GHGE radiates solar IR radiation. Apparently GHGE have little to do with global warming temperature readings. The actual temperature, and the GHGE are two distinct, and separate temperature readings, and are not one in the same.

Urban heating, and radiation forcing absorbes UV radiation, and emit IR radiation, and is part of the GHGE. The heat index, and the ambient temperature are closely related, The heat index temperature is presented by humidity (water vapors), and the ambient temperature is represented by air temperature. Air, and humidity are GHGs.

All meteorologists recognize only two temperature readings, the actual temperature, and the average global surface temperature (GHGE). There is no third temperature reading known to meteorologists, where global warming is concerned. The temperature reading of the GHGE are too low to cause the current global temperatures increases. Name me a period in time, where the GHGE was higher, than the actual temperature? It solar radiation that’s responsible for global warming, not the GHGE.