as the story moderates and the panic wears off

by James P Reilly
(Morristown NJ)

I recall being told in 1970 that New York would be partly submerged by the mid 1990s. I recall being told that ozone would kill us all when the ozone layer was completely gone sometime in the early 2000s. I recall being told that man might not exist due to warming, in a little as 100 years?
now I see warmers struggling to explain why the time line might be off but ‘ the end is still near’ ( just not as near as once though?)
I do believe that man has an attraction to the ‘end of days’ scenario. Ironically, it is our scientific community, via large grants, and not the typical ‘end of the world’ preacher that now frightens the masses with stories of end days.

The climate of earth as changed frequently since the earth began. And it will continue that way with or without man’s presence. It is really the height of human arrogance to suggest we have the power to destroy the planet.
I suggest that grant driven scientists do what they are supposed to do and question all theories. Even their own— it is called the scientific method and in that regard, me thinks the global warmer doth protest too much. JR