by krystal hayes
(red deer)

one sunny day 2 parents were going to a camp.with their 4 month old baby in the backseat.the mother went inside of the camp cabin to grab something she had left behind.while she was inside the cabin the winds grew wild as the mother walked out she was blown into a thorn the distance a tornado had formed but her husband did not notice he was playing with the baby when all of a sudden the car was picked up and carried 30 metres throwing baby ashley and the husband out of the car 30 metres away from the campsight!the wife was being whirled between tree to tree and bush to bush.the tornado was soon gone when the wife got up tore the thorns and other things out of her skin and went for help not knowing wether her baby and husband were ok.she was rushed to the hospital.her husband tore the debris of himself and stumbled over to the that car sat an empty car seat squished and covered with debris.while the husband started to cry he heard a soft whimper coming from a pile of debris the largest pile you could ever see.ASHLEY! he shouted.running over to the pile lifting and pulling debris of the baby he hoped it to he was pulling the whimpering got louder turning into a screaming cry. ashley he cried picking up the crying baby he laughed with a panicked look wheres my wife? he questioned himself looking for help. excuse me he said to a man at the campsight have you see my wife?umm we just rushed a woman to the hospital with deathly injuries she was found looking for her husband and baby girl. he replied.thats her the husband said he was too rushed to a different hospital but later united with his wife at st josephs hospital.

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