Tony Abbott The Fool

tony abbott


My God… honestly how did Australians end up in this situation? Tony Abbott the fool a contender for Prime Minister!


You and I know we wouldn’t elect him to run the local footy club let alone the country. He simply could not, and should not run our country. Mr Abbott might punch it out with the boys at the Police Club and ride in the local cycle club, but he is simply not Prime Minister material.

Furthermore, Tony Abbott says climate change is not happening… In fact recently he said the world is cooling! Mr Abbott cannot get his head-beaten intellect around the fact that we [humans] have changed the face of our Earth and we need to take responsibility for these changes. Humans have emitted so much C02 over the last 250 years that we are changing the very planet we live on.

I have grandchildren… The 2010 Australian election in not a short term election… think about your grandchildren… Do you want someone in power who thinks that anthropogenic climate change is a myth?

As a country we must show we are committed to the strategies necessary to mitigate our changing climate… anything less is an abdication of responsibility.

Do you see my beautiful grandchild below? This stunning child is the result of an African and Australian union…. make sure your vote is inclusive of all people. The world belongs to all people of all creeds of all nations… Mr Abbott has already told us that he will do nothing in response to climate change. This is not good enough and we should vote for another Party!

We need to be sure that our FUTURE is being considered in this election… both Labor and Liberal are not doing this. Our only option is to voteGreens.

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