The tornado that ruined the day

One day we were shopping and were in our car driving to Jo-anns. I had tornadoes on my mind that day but I’m not sure why. And I saw something that looked like a tornado forming so I told my mom…she looked at it and screamed and said it was. She turned around ( because we were heading straight for it ) and we were close to a Target so she drove right up to the door and we got out and went into target. She gave me her cell to call my dad and tell him while she told someone at Target. Then the person she told panicked and got someone to go outside and tell people in the parking lot to come in and then the person talked into the intercom and told everyone to go back to the women’s changing room immediately because there was a tornado only like a mile away. Everyone ran back to the changing room. The worker told everyone ( actually screamed it ) to follow her. We all followed her into a safety room ( stores where I live have them because were prone to tornadoes ) And she told the adults to get over any of the kids and two more workers came in with pillows, and mattresses they got from the store and ripped them out of there packages so we could use them. Then she shut the door and locked it and got over some kids. We could hear the tornado and we heard trees falling then it went black, and alot of us got knocked out including me.. part of the roof fell on I don’t remember anything else. I do remember though after wards when we got up we had to push what was left of the roof on us off. When we stood up we could see half of target was GONE! And so was our car…which was a bummer because I wanted to do more shopping { I know not really smart…} But police had to drive us home. Now my mom does not shop around when ever it is stormy looking.

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