The School Tornado

(St. Augustine, Florida, United States)

One spring day last year, it had been dark and stormy the whole day. When it came time for us to be released, I figured they would make us stay behind. They didn’t. The bus kids and the kids who walked home stayed inside while all the parent-pick-up kids (including me) had to pack up our stuff and leave. When we got outside, it was raining and the wind was blowing real hard so me and my friends gathered under my small umbrella and waited for our parents.

Some kids were looking at the sky in search of a funnel cloud, me included. But I mean I was cold, wet, and I wanted to go home. But I wouldn’t have that option.

The sky looked normal except for this one cloud that was too close to the ground. And it was. As soon as it touched down the wind blew faster and the rain came down harder. They told us to run inside as fast as we could and once everyone was inside, the gathered us in this small room and waited to see if we would have to be placed in the tornado shelter.

Luckily, the tornado was miles away and was headed in the opposite direction. We were able to go home as soon as the storm died down.

Everyone forgot about it and hasn’t mentioned it since. Me, everytime there’s a thunderstorm (and in Florida we have quite alot), I always search the sky for anything out of place.

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