The School Tornado.

This happened recently like in October. There had been watches for tornadoes all day and when I went to school that is all I thought about. I had told my friends there would probably be a tornado, but none of them believed me. We were in PE at the time and our gym has like these 3 huge windows which take up one wall. Every time I looked at those windows it was pitch black and I saw stuff flying in the air. Our coach had told us we could go get a drink of water…so most of us did except 4 of us including me. And then the tornado siren went off, we all knew what it was, it has happened to us many times before. But at first we kinda just stood there and looked at each other in a panicking mode. We were all thinking ” Okay do we need to run in to the hall? And is that the tornado siren?” But our coach didn’t know that was the tornado siren infact he had no clue what it was…he is knew this year. So me and my friend were screaming at him that is was the siren for tornado. Then everyone who was getting water ran inside the gym. Then the tree that was next to a window slammed into the window and broke through it. That’s when we all screamed and he yelled at us to go in the hall. We were surrounded by high schoolers who were on there phones checking the weather, and texting there parents. And we were in our gym clothes. All the teachers were like surrounding us but didn’t make us get in position yet. Then I saw two teachers and the head master go into a big closet and got pillows,hats,and blankets out and put them all around us. Then there was one kindergarten class there and they took them and put them in that closet and put a mattress on them. Then like an hour later they said it had past. It turns out that the tornado was right down the road! But we were just happy we didn’t have to go to our next class!

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