The decro

by Angel
(licking mo)

I was home sick with a stomach bug on a very glummy may day. I was looking out the window of my living room when it started to pour as if hell had broke loose. I waited for several minutes when suddently the rain stopped and it became strangely quiet. I went outside and looked around. Up to the north of me there was a huge wedge tornado forming and almost directly in front of me there was a cone tornado forming. I watched as the tornado touched down in the field and began heading toward my house. I began to pray to GOD for protection and watched with growing intrest as the tornado approched. I finnaly went in and got under the table with my brother who was also home that day. The house shook a little then it was over. Yes my brother and I was alone except for the army of Angels that were protecting us that day. After the storm was over I went back outside only to discover that at the edge of our property the tracks of the tornado disappered. I was around to the back of the house and discovered the tracks of the tornado again but it was about 100 feet from our house and there was no damage to our house. I still thank GOD today for protecting us and getting me started with storm chasing.

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