by Brad

NOAA graph of temp

NOAA graph of temp


You should all be worried. Existing records reveal an increase in high-latitude sea surface temperatures (SSTs) (8° to 10°C) and in bottom water temperatures (4° to 5°C). This means a dramatic rise in average global temperature. Certain death. You should all go out right now and buy a hybrid car and shop at whole foods. Because that’s really the only way we can stop this terrible problem.

Get a grip. The above line about the rise in ocean temperatures was take from a peer-reviewed science article about Paleocene/Eocene climate changes. The point I am trying to make is that Earth has a natural cycle of temperature, sea level, polarity, even the position of the continents. Only 10K years ago the ice caps came as far south as VA. Yes, there is an average increase of global temperature but only an increase of 0.6 degrees Celsius, over the last forty years with an error of almost 0.3 degrees. My biggest problem with the climate debate is not the hard numbers. Its the style in which they are presented to the general pubic. Its wrong, or at the very least misleading. Ask a real scientist (who knows anything about geology, climatology, meteorology, oceanography) they will tell you; yes warming is happening but to what extent, what is the actual cause and effect. They do not know yet.

So for now just try to be a little more conservative in your daily consumption (which most people are) and don’t watch too much “today show” and you will be fine.
Trust me because I’m a geologist.