Terra Structured Land

Terra Structured Land, or TSL is the term coined by an innovative construction development, of Open Frame Structured Land that realizes about 70% less natural land use than mainstream practice. Its structural members are smaller, (and can be a less-well-trained labor increase in many of its development), and transportable without dependence on road systems. Its proprietary know-how affords constructed land which can house constructs on it that benefits, its assembly and needs in construction members are less engineered developments.

By utilizing the TSL, much of the open lands can be preserved and maintain its natural equities. We feel that the TSL community will achieve many of the goals in Real Estate Development: in commercial developments alongside with hillside residences and farms on through to preservation of Nature.

The Integration Technology within the TSL affords installation of Modular Systems, Wind Powered Generators, Solar Paneling, Rain Water Harvesting, etc. in a manner that is not lot-by-lot linkages but rather a universal installation providing the Space Frame with utility infrastructure. To view the TSL, please visit our website at wwww.unsprawl.net

The ability to build while realizing Ecological Objectives has been a cornerstone of its efforts. The proposal (TSL) answers an urban concern where the study output asserts that the present inefficient use of land in part creates many of the ecological and climate issues of today.

There is a air of dreaminess about this proposal, but it is certainly well worth checking out the Unsprawl site.

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