Solar Solution to the Growing Energy Problem

by Troy Carter
(United States)


There are times when I wonder if we can secure an unrestricted and boundless energy source. The reality is that it has been with us for the longest time now. Solar energy, the power coming from the sun is unlimited and constant. It may be converted into so many useful forms like heat energy, light and electricity. Natural daylight is already easily used in a lot of buildings and business operations. Farming is one of the biggest industries that depend on the sun’s energy. Aside from this, the light coming from the sun can be converted into electricity. Instead of using coal and other fossil fuel generators, there are greater environmental benefits in having solar panels to supply electric power.

We know that solar energy conversion requires an expensive energy system in order to provide an extensive primary source. It is imperative that the system is able to capture, transfer and store the energy with the purpose of providing sufficient power. Because of many benefits that solar energy can provide, Governments should be encouraging any new approach to develop a cost effective system. Some of the benefits that solar energy offers include:

* Reduced dependence on coal and oil to generate power, (budgets for this could be allocated to other programs for education, health and public development.
* Since the sun’s energy is unlimited, there will be no shortages.
* Solar energy can also reduces fires in third world countries as it will not be necessary to use candles during electric failure for the simple reason that there will be more than enough power supply.

* In view of the fact that the sun’s energy is clean and pure, health problems like respiratory infections will be reduced.
* Using solar energy for power consumption is one of the most effective ways of conservation.
* Solar panel maintenance is easy and inexpensive. We do not need to use fuel and because there are no moving components, it is trouble free and more convenient to use.

Our lives have improved over the years and the quality living continues to develop. Alongside the development, we tend to forget about our environment. We have engaged in activities that are risky and destructive to our surroundings. It is not too late to act! We can employ strategies that will reduce the harmful effects of pollution. Coal and oil a major source of power, are one of the main causes of polluting emissions. Therefore, if we can find an alternative power source that is not damaging then we can help save the environment. It is necessary that we study and analyze every single detail of solar energy methods so that we can develop the most efficient and effective technologies. We must avoid making more mistakes and increasing the gunk we are putting into the air. Solar is the future that will work not only for our families but for our neighbors as well.