People’s Denial: Rising Sea Levels

by Renae
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

It is undeniable that sea levels are rising; the scientific evidence is overwhelming and although it is a natural occurrence, the speed in which the sea levels are rising is no longer ordinary. In Australia, houses with a waterfront fetch topdollar in the market place. In fifty years time (give or take) these houses will be either swamped or underwater. It seems the more money people have the more in denial they become about the effects of global warming. Although there is slowly starting to be more awareness in the community it still has not broadened into every day life.

America has already experienced many coastal natural disasters this year; many people have died or lost their homes as a result of this, yet we carry on with our daily lives ignoring the warning signs. With all the information and signs we have, would it not be smart to start acting right now? Australian’s and well-off countries alike seem to ignore all the facts and figures taking the approach of “I won’t be here in fifty years time." Or “As if that will happen here in my country." Unfortunately the earth doesn’t listen to these statements and will carry on self-destructing everywhere until humans realise the consequences and stop the polluting and overusing of the earth’s resources.

Many argue that it will cost too much to make the changes needed in slowing the effects of global warming. Has it not occurred to people that the disasters and effects of global warming push the costs of everything such as insurance up? The more disasters, the more money is needed to help replace all that is lost. It also occurred to me that with all the money spent on building these mansions by the sea wouldn’t the home owners want them to last awhile? Is everything about money in this world? Or do we actually want somewhere other than the tops of mountains for our children and great grandchildren to live? Do we care at all that the next generation will have no life? Or have people on earth just turned into money-hungry consumers who do not think about the future? Even the animal kingdom who are supposedly inferior to humans already know something is wrong; species are trying to adapt or are just dying out, giving up. They do not have the power to change the world… humans do.

Everything in nature is shifting dramatically right before our eyes and we have a chance to reduce the effects we have on this world, to save it but the question is, will we act quickly enough? Will the people who have the power recognise that we are all in danger of losing this life before it is too late? I hope so, I pray that the so called “baby boomers" in control of the world’s economy and politics actually wake up to the fact that the sea levels are rising at an alarming rate because of our ‘contributions’ to the earth and that if no action is taken the earth will continue to save itself and wipe us out.

The one thing that concerns me the most is the fact that rising sea level is not even half of the problems of global warming we have to contend with… and it is only now that the media and politicians are looking at the problems.