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by Jim
(Broken Hill, NSW, Australia)

I am interested in how these temperature records were obtained. We have only been keeping accurate temperature records fairly recently. According to some scientists these figures are not supported in our rock formations, etc. Also there were periods of very high volcanic activity in our past which would have produced much more CO2 the we are currently producing. Why wasn’t a fast rise in global warming shown then? The “science” of global warming is very new and untested, so why is it embraced with so much vigor, where other scientific observations and predictions are scrutinised much, much, more rigorously? Allready some predicions, such as the disapearence of some glaciers has been shown to be untrue and alarmist. There needs to be a much greater debate and investigation of this event without the “must act now” panic induced by some sectors of the populace. It is constantly stated that the “majority of scientist sopport global warming”. I also remeber that the majority of the scientific community, at one time in our history, thought that the earth was flat, and that the sun and planets revolved around the earth. People were persecuted for questioning those beliefs, and people are ridiculed and persecuted now for questioning global warming.

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