Nice Propaganda Video

by B.Marshall
(Toronto Ontario Canada)

Nice propaganda video, “Climate refugee" good scare tactic. Although I’m not total convinced that this video portrays all the facts. One villager said that the beach was half a day’s walk from his village when he was a small boy. I can only assume that it’s a 4 to 6 hour journey (half business day), about 15 to 25 years ago. I would estimate from the recollection of the villager, that the ocean has reclaimed 10km to 20km of beach. That’s a lot of beach. It appears to me they may have their villages on an accent shore line that used to be submerged under water. If they were able to move the village about 2 to 4 km or more inland they may be better protected. They still would be in danger of storm surges from cyclones, and tsunami waves. However the smaller tropical storms may not have a major effect on the villages and agriculture in the area. Something just doesn’t add up, wonder what the story is in Sri Lanka or Port Blair. Are they experiencing the same flooding or water level control issues as Orissa?

Climate change is a fact. The earth’s atmosphere has been warming and cooling, ocean levels have risen and fallen and, glaciers have come and gone for the last 4 or so billion years. We are all just here for the ride.

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