New CSIRO Fire Study

by Browyn Mason
(Sydney (in Australia))

Bushfires in Australia

Bushfires in Australia


This is related to IPCC findings, and a new 2007 study from CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia gives some new information increasing bushfire risk across south-east of Australia.

From the CSIRO web site, “The study found that the increase in fire-weather risk is generally largest inland. The combined frequencies of days with very high and extreme Forest Fire Danger Index ratings are likely to increase in south-east Australia by:

4–25 per cent by 2020
15–70 per cent by 2050

Bushfires already create enormous devastation in Australia, and it is hard to consider what this really means. Up to seventy percent by 2050! We’ll be burnt alive!

The study looks at south-east Australia, (not sounding good for other parts) and these regions are projected to become hotter and drier under climate change. “In south-east Australia, since 1950:

rainfall has decreased
droughts have become more severe
the number of extremely hot days has risen”

What are we doing about this? Can anyone answer that?