Nature Self-Corrects

by Daniel Burress

I don’t like to see people hurt but we are an over populated world we play with our planet like a child plays with a toy. Nature has to correct this problem. I don’t like to predict misfortune but the earth (our living biosphere) has taken care of it self for a very long time. I think starting in china it will correct this over population problem very soon people like the throw around the year 2012 I don’t have a date I just know it will happen. I do think it was a bad idea for the Chinese to build the largest man made body of water (the 3 forks damn) did you know it sits on a tectonic plate line I wonder is there a study about the weight of the water and the possible effect on the plate? And were will all the displaced Chinese people move to? At any rate the polar ice caps will melt I am sure it’s not the first time in the history of the planet. I wonder what we will find under all that ice in Antarctica. A new frontier? I guess the real question is has this all happened before? And will we learn from our mistakes?

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