Ice Core Graphs for last 47,000 Years

by Clive Williams
(Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK)

“The rapid rise in global temperature is unmatched in the last million years. Normally, and when the Earth has warmed after an ice age, it is a gradual process taking about 5,000 years.”

Not true. Have a look at the NOAA Ice-Core graphs on,

For a 400,000 year view of Temperatures and CO2 levels, try Googling ‘vostok ice core data’ also on an NOAA site.

There are two huge Worldwide Problems.
(1) Overpopulation.

There is no easy solution to the problem. Mankind naturally procreates – it’s built into our genes – and we are living longer and who can decide where the growth is going to be limited other than by global catastophies, disease, wars, food shortages, fuel shortages, and ice ages.

(2) Exhaustion of Fossil Fuels.

This will contribute in part to the solution of (1) above.
We have used roughly 50 percent of the worlds Fossil Fuels in the last hundred years and the rate of consumption is growing more or less linearly.
It took 92 Million years to lay down the oil and coal deposits and we have used approximately half of it in the last 90 years. If the growth in consumption continued to grow at the present
rate then it would last for only 30 years. Some of us alive now will be still around when it happens.

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