Green Pulse

Green Pulse How it works

Has it ever happened to you that you or your children forgot to turn off the computer after using it? Or that you had some other things to attend to, and you left it turned on, because you intended to use it again later?

Do you realise

  • that an average computer and a monitor use more electricity than you are probably aware, which directly affects your electrical bill,
  • that a computer makes your room noisier, warmer, and the air in it more ionized,
  • that you too can help saving the environment?

10 reasons

Green Pulse is an effective program which automatically controls the energy usage of your computer, after you stop using it. It works without human intervention, so you don’t have to change your habits.

  • 1 Can save 60€ (approx. $80) or more per year — every year
  • 2 Helps you save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions
  • 3 Reduces heating of your computer, and consequently fire risk
  • 4 Enables much faster boot and restoration time
  • 5 Enables you to view the statistics of saving and saved resources
  • 6 Works without interventions and doesn’t interfere with your work
  • 7 Lengthens autonomy and battery life of your laptop
  • 8 Works regardless of the state the OS and system are in
  • 9 Enables you to set a schedule of computer usage for each hour in the week
  • 10 Enables you to completely disallow computer shutdown

More than 18,000 users worldwide download Green Pulse each month.

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