Global Warming and Sustainability

by Bradley, Corricut




During summer the sun shines with enormous power and generates tremendous heat. However we are noticing that the heat is excessive and is drying up farming lands and starting huge wild forest fires. This is a result of global warming.

The climate change is brought about by our activities that involve the release of significant amounts of greenhouse gases. Generally greenhouse gases allow heat to be trapped and also permits some heat also escape back into space. However, heavy emissions of carbon dioxide trap by our activity means the heat from the sun’s energy doesn’t escape and atmospheric temperatures have risen.

Successful sustainable growth and expansion involves a wide ranging knowledge of guiding principles and issues over and above an objective understanding of scientific and economic certainty. We all need to focus and participate in various educational programs in order to convey awareness and knowledge. We need to take a proactive approach with the environment, development of power generation, building efficiency and engineering a sustainable approach to progress.

At present we are experiencing a warming of the climate which is called global warming. It will be helpful for key cities of the world to sign the Kyoto protocols in order to lessen the greenhouse gas emissions. These cities have an enormous power to change the environment. We must acknowledge the basic and difficult task of shaping the cities because they are the ultimate drivers of our social systems.

First, we need to know and understand what sustainability is. Consciousness and responsiveness will help us find ways on how to reduce the dangers of global warming. We are capable of building a sustainable lifestyle that we all yearn for. For this reason we must also create a better and brighter world where we can all live in harmony with nature.

Our families are the smallest unit of the society and the city where we live is a direct and concrete measure of what we create. This construct is our connection with the built surroundings and environment, politics and government, social and economic ideas. Looking at a snapshot of our municipality allows us to analyze our ability to help transform ourselves in better sustainable nations.

The change that we need is lies within ourselves and our community. If each one of us will contribute, it is not be impossible to win this challenge. If we manage our waste disposal methods effectively and consider sustainability, the world will see an evident transformation. Let us all work out on developing sustainable practices and make sure that each thing that we do does not aggravate the situation but instead improves the environment.