Climate Change School Lessons

Climate Change School Lessons

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We are currently developing climate change school lessons. These lesson plans will cover climate change and global warming for children from about ages 12 to 15 years old. A retired science teacher, who taught science for over 20 years, is writing the lessons. The lessons begin with atmospheric composition, the induced anthropogenic changes, and solutions to the problem. The lessons draw heavily on the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. The science is sound, without political twist, and is up-to-date, plus it is free!


The lessons can be used freely within an educational context and come complete with activities and class exercises. The work cannot be sold, and will be covered by international copyright. In the meantime please use the site as a climate change and global warming resource center.


Visit GreenHeart Education and view the Climate Change Primer.


Lesson 1 Climate and Weather

Lesson 2 – Climate and Ice Ages

Global Warming

Lesson 3 – Carbon Cycle

Lesson 4 – Greenhouse Effect



Effects of Global Warming

Lesson 5 – Temperature Increase

Lesson 6 – The Albedo Effect

Lesson 7 – Sea level Rise

lesson 8 – Biodiversity Loss

Lesson 9 – Climate Change and Society


Lesson 10 – What is Mitigation and Adaptation

Lesson 11 – Solar Power

Lesson 12 – Wind Power

Lesson 13 – What You can Do

AGE Paperless Homework


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