Climate Change Pictures

Our site contains climate change pictures, but no doubt you have some of your own.


Over the years and as the climate changes I have collected quite a few images and pictures. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words…

Droughts that only happened once in a hundred years appear to be happening more frequently… Storms are also occurring more frequently and in some regions with greater intensity…

As the climate changes some of these weather events are already taking place in your country, in your region.

You have been watching the climate change in your area, and perhaps have taken pictures.

So do you…



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The destruction of God’s work. starstarstarstarstar
Man is the one who create the Global Warming, and Man also is the answer to this problem.

Lappeenranta, Finland2nd of May in 2007 starstarstarstarstar
This picture is from our yard Lappeenranta, Finland 61°03?30?N, 28°11?10?E. I took this 2.5.2007.

global warming starstarstarstarstar
i want to save picture of global warming

Autumn Leaf Color In Northern California, July 2010 starstarstar
These were taken in and around Santa Clara/San Mateo county, during the month of July 2010.

The tree species are varied, and I will have more to post….

Natural starstarstar
I am sending you a Natural Combat Climate Changes.

Flood of Bangladesh 1988 Not rated yet
It ia a picture of Bangladesh flood affected area .

Make destroy our world Not rated yet
We love our world… we love our nature…

More trees in and around Palo Alto and Los Altos Ca. 8-5-2010 Not rated yet
More autumn color in mid-summer.

Another glorious autumn tree…August 2nd 2010 Not rated yet
This is approximately sea-level in Palo Alto, CA.

This Liquid Amber tree is in a parking lot of Loral Space Systems, Fabian way at Charleston Rd.

Maple tree July 2010 Not rated yet
At first it appeared that a branch at the top of the tree had been damaged and had died, however the leaf color was bright red and not brown, and within …

Global Warming Not rated yet
The picture is based on global warming. Global warming affects our earth day by day so I made this picture suitable for it.

Viewing Reality Not rated yet
depiction of metropolis megalomania pushing the natural world into disrepute in the year 2020.

2020, bench, city, climate, change, cop15, fog, forest,…

pictures soil erosion and extinction of plants and animals Not rated yet
physical condition of world forest
condition of plant and animal life

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