Causation of Global Warming

by Kok Haw, Ir. Kong
(Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia)

Global warming, from the history shown, it not only happens on this time. Global warming issue is a repeated disaster on earth since millions years ago.

For this time, due to human factor, it comes faster and more drastic. But the root is, does human cause global warming? Many years ago, even without human activity, global warming did happened too.

So, human is not the causation of global warming, but just an accelerator to the global warming. So, what actually cause the global warming?

It is the natural phenomena of earth. The current phenomena observed are such as ice berg melting, frequent earthquake recently and the increase of global temperature. The global warming cycle is due to the energy balance of the Earth.

The two major sources of heat energy in the Earth are the thermonuclear fusion energy from the Sun and the thermonuclear fission energy from the Earth. The latter is the main causation to the cycle of global warming.

Earth contains high amount of radioactive materials and build up high temperature and pressure in the center of the earth, melting all the substances in the mantle of the earth.

Under energy balance condition, heat absorbed by the earth from the Sun and heat generated by the Earth due to fission process are released to the space through convection (minor) and radiation (major).

The global warming cycle operates as follows,
1) The atmosphere acts as an insulation layer between the Earth and the space, where it insulates or slows down the heat rejection to the space.
2) The rate of heat rejection to space is always slower than the heat generated by the earth.

3) When the atmosphere temperature increases, the amount heat rejection from the earth reduces.
4) The accumulated energy will cause the molten materials in the mantle moves faster.
5) The fast moving molten materials then causes earthquake (initial/symptom) and then volcanic reaction, which is more violent. Where large amount of heat is released to the surface of the Earth.
6) During this process, the continental movement is encouraged. New land will be created.
7) After super volcanic reaction, the mantle of the Earth then cools down. The Earth surface temperature is very high and the heat rejection to space through radiation increases.
8) The byproduct from the volcanic reaction, which is the great amount of gases then cover up the whole atmosphere and preventing sunlight penetrates into the earth.
9) The earth then cools down quickly and enters into ice age.
10) When time prolongs, the flora and fauna start to grow and breed. The gases then are converted by the flora to useful gases. The ecosystem is rebuilt.
11) The heat generated by the earth then slowly build up and heat up the atmosphere again.
12) The whole cycle is repeated.

Now, we are facing the end of cycle. We shall learn to use up the Earth fission energy or to help the earth to release the energy to the space.

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