Blind Spot

by Kevin Casey
(Melbourne, Australia)

There are 404 nuclear plants producing 19% of the worlds electricity, without AGW emissions, and 29 new plants are under construction. The people using them are not stupid! – not to be ignored!
Yet neither Tim Flannery nor Al Gore mention the fact!—for fear of adverse, even if ill-informed controversies’ ??? Who knows!

We will never succeed by changing light bulbs or with fanciful solar panels in space.

Get down to earth, close coal plants and install modern nuclear ones. The waste control is an important issue to be consider of course, but with proper management it can be safely handled, and with a better security than our handling of the many other noxious substances we use today.

Do some arithmetic – there is no other achievable way in the time frame we have.

And can we not get anti-nuclear agitators to please please properly study the subject, rather than just to repeat their emotive ill-informed scripts.

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