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Make Your Own Algae Biodiesel at Home
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“At Last! No More Collecting and Filtering Dirty Waste Oil You Can Make Algae Biodiesel and Produce Unlimited Energy…”

by David Sieg

With the increasing interest in biodiesel as an alternative to petro-diesel, many have looked at the possibility of growing more oilseed crops as a solution to the problem of peak oil. There are two problems with this approach: first, growing more oilseed crops would displace the food crops grown to feed mankind. Second, traditional oilseed crops are not the most productive or efficient source of vegetable oil.

Microalgae is, by a factor of 8 to 25 for palm oil and a factor of 40 to 120 for rapeseed, the highest potential energy yield temperate vegetable oil crop. Michael Briggs at the University of N. Hampshire Biodiesel group estimates that using open outdoor, racetrack ponds, only 15,000 square miles could produce enough algae to meet all of the USA’s ground transportation

“There is no other resource that comes even close in magnitude
to the potential for making oil,"… John Sheehan, energy analyst with the National Renewable Energy
Laboratory (NREL)
“If we were to replace all of the diesel that we use in the United States" with an algae derivative,… we could do it on an area of land that’s about one-half of 1 percent of the current farm land that we use now." …Douglas Henston Solix CEO

This newly released work called Making Algae Biodiesel at Home is the quickest and easiest way to learn about algae biodiesel. Inside this comprehensive work you’ll get over 550 pages of gold-mine info. Absolutely everything anyone interested in algae biodiesel would need.
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Build a Photobioreactor

This is an extremely simple design. We’re not talking a lot of bells and whistles here and it won’t cost you a fortune. It will however, get you going in the right direction. From there, you’ll need to branch out on your own, dealing with your own climate, your own strains and the problems associated with growing them.

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Algae Strains

We have chosen a type of algae that accumulates a lot of oil and satisfies a few requirements. Some of these requirements involve their habitat. One’s determination of an algal species also has to do with one’s location, climate, access to organic nutrients and other factors. The first consideration is salt water, or fresh water species. For each there are different strains available.

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Which System?

Algae can be produced using a wide variety of methods, ranging from closely-controlled laboratory methods to less predictable methods in outdoor tanks. You will guided through the various systems: Indoor/Outdoor; Open/Closed; Axenic; Batch, Continuous and Semi-Continuous, whilst lookign at the advantages and disadvantages of various algal culture techniques.

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Spirulina – Grow Your Own

The growing systems descibed in the book may be used for the culture of animal or human edible alage. For example, Spirulina is a planktonic blue-green alage that is rich in nutrients, such as protein, amino acids, vitamin B-12 and carotenoids. Human consumption of Spirulina grown in algae farms amounts to more than one thousand metric tons annually. Why not grow your own?

The Definitive Guide to Making Alage Biodiesel at Home more
What you can expect from the book Making Alage Biodiesel at Home

  • A visual overview of the entire process
  • Clear-cut instructions
  • Photographs
  • Diagrams
  • Cultivating algae
  • Different algal strains
  • Where to buy algal strains
  • Building algae fresh/salt water aquariums
  • Building algae green houses
  • Building Open pond systems
  • Building photo-bioreactors
  • Harvesting the algae
  • Algal oil extraction
  • Building a Homemade Oil Press
  • Mass production of algae
  • Algae biodiesel patents

That is just the tip of the algae-iceberg this e-book covers. The 550 page eBook is divided up into 5 comprehensive sections. This the ultimate tutorial for making algae biodiesel but until now it was never available (even if you’re a veteran biodiesler you’ll benefit immensely from understanding about algae biodiesel because this is the cutting-edge future of biofuels).



Grow Vertical so you can get
maximum sunlight!


Scale up to a 1,000 square metres!


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